M. Vincent van Mechelen
 with Vocabulary of Alliteration 
[ u n d e r   c o n s t r u c t i o n ]


D D:P1; daffodil(s) D:P1; dagger(s) D:P1; daily D:P1; dais D:P1; dale(s) D:P1; dam(med) back D:S1, B:P2; dam(med) D:P1; dam(med) up D:S1, A:P2; damage(s) D:P1; (the) damage is done D:P4; damn(ed/s) D:P1; damsel(s) D:P1; dance(d/s) D:P1; [if pronounced with |D|] D:P1; [if pron. with unaspirated |T|; cp. Tao] T:P1; dare(d) D:P1; dare-devil(s) D:P1; darken(ed) D:P1; darken(ed) the door D:P4; darken(ed) your door D:P4; dash(es) D:P1; dauntless D:P1; dawn(ed) (on) D:P1; dawn(s) D:P1; dawn(ed) upon D:P1, P:S3; dawning D:P1; dawn jog(s) D:P1; day(s) D:P1; day after day D:P4; day in, day out D:S1, I:P2; day is dawning D:P3; daydream(ed/s) D:P1; daydreamer(s) D:P1; day-to-day D:P1/D:P3; dead D:P1; (as) dead as a dodo D:P4; (as) dead as a doornail D:P4; (as) dead as the dodo D:P4; (a) dead duck D:P1; deaf (and dumb) D:P1; deal(t) D:P1; dealing(s) D:P1; dear D:P1; death D:P1; death-duty/death-duties D:P1; debonair D:S1, N:P3; debris D:P1/B:P2; debut(ed/s) D:P1/B:P2; debuting D:P1/B:P2; decade(s) D:P1 (K:S2)/K:P2; decay(ed) K:P2; decay of concrete K:P4; declare(d) K:P2; decline(d) K:P2; decrease(s) [n] D:P1, K:S2; decrease(d) [v] K:P2; deed(s) D:P1; deeds of derring-do D:P5; deep (down) D:P1; deepest D:P1; defeat(ed) F:P2; defect [n] D:P1; defect(ed) [v] F:P2; defective F:P2; defend(ed) F:P2; defense [or defence] F:P2; deficit(s) D:P1; defile(d) [v in the sense of befoul] F:P2; defile(d) [v in the sense of file off] D:P1/F:P2; defile(s) [n] D:P1/F:P2; deflower(ed) F:P2, D:S1; degree(s) G:P2; degree-granter(s) G:P2, G:S3; degree-granting G:P2, G:S3; delay(ed/s) L:P2; delectable L:P2; delight(ed/s) L:P2; deliver(ed) L:P2; democratic D:S1, K:P3; demon(s) D:P1; demonism D:P1, N:S3; denary D:P1; denim (jacket / jeans) D:P1; denizen(s) D:P1; denomination(s) N:P4; deodorant(s) OH:P2; derail(ed) R:P2; R:P2; derring-do D:P3; descant(s) [n] D:P1; descant(ed) [v] D:P1/S:SK2; desert(ed) Z:P2; desert(s) [in the sense of large sandy area] D:P1; desert(s) [in the sense of that which is deserved] Z:P2; deserve(d) Z:P2; design(ed/s) Z:P2; desire(d) Z:P2; desolate D:P1; despot(s) D:P1; dessert(s) Z:P2; detail(ed/s) D:P1/T:P2; deterioration T:S2, R:P5; deter(red) T:P2; determine(d) T:P2; develop(ed) V:P2; devil(s) D:P1; (the) devil's in the detail(s) D:P5; (the) devil is in the detail(s) D:P6; devilish D:P1; devote(d) V:P2; devotee(s) D:S1, T:P3; devotion(s) V:P2; devour(ed) V:P2; dew D:P1; dewclaw(s) D:P1, K:S2; dewdrop(s) D:P1; dexterous or dextrous D:P1; dewy D:P1; dice(d) D:P1; dice(d) with death D:P3; dictator(s) D:P1/T:P2; dictatorship(s) D:P1/T:P2, SH:S4; diction D:P1; dictionary/dictionaries D:P1 (N:S3); die(d) D:P1; die(d) down D:P2; die(d) like a dog D:P4; diesel(-driven) D:P1; differ(ed) D:P1; different D:P1; dig/dug in I:P2; digit(s) D:P1; digital D:P1; dim (and dull) D:P1; dime(s) D:P1; dine(d) D:P1; dinner-dance(s) D:P1; dint D:P1; direct(ed) R:P2; direction(s) R:P2; direful D:P1; disadvantage(s) D:S1, V:P3; discombobulate(d) D:S1, B:P3, L:S5; discord(s) D:P1; discount(ed/s) D:P1; discourteous K:P2; discriminate(d) N:S4; N:P4; disease(s) Z:P2; diseased Z:P2; disestablish(ed) D:S1; disestablishment D:S1; disestablishmentarianism T:P6, N:S9; dishevel([l]ed) SH:P2; dishonor(ed) [or dishonour(ed)] O:P2; dispute(s) [n] D:P1/SP:P2; disqualify/disqualified K:P2; distemper T:P2; ditchwater D:P1, W:S2; diurnal A:P2; diver(s) [n] D:P1; divers [adj] D:P1; diverse V:P2; divest(ed) of V:P2; divide(d/s) V:P2; divine V:P2; Divine Division V:P2; divinity V:P2; division(s) V:P2; divisive V:P2; dollar(s) D:P1; dome(s) D:P1; do(ne)/did D:P1; do(ne)/did in I:P2; $do or die D:P3; do(ne)/did wonders W:P2; do(ne)/did your daily dozen D:P3; do(ne)/did your good deed for the day D:S1, G:P3; D:P1/T:P2; dodge(d) D:P1; dodo(s) [or dodo(es)] D:P1; doe(s) D:P1; doing(s) D:P1; dog(s) D:P1; dogsbody/dogsbodies D:P1, B:S2; doldrum(s) D:P1; dominance D:P1; dominate(d) D:P1, N:S3; domineer(ed) N:P3; domineering N:P3; done and dusted D:P3; don't/didn't give a fiddler's fart about F:P4; don't/didn't have the heart to do it H:P4; don't/didn't have a hope in hell H:P4; doom D:P1; door(s) D:P1; door damage D:P1; doornail(s) D:P1; doss(ed) down D:P2; dossier(s) D:P1; dot(s) D:P1; dots and dashes D:P1; double D:P1; double-dealing D:P3; double-decker(s) D:P3; double-digit D:P1; double-dyed D:P1/D:P3; down D:P1; down the drain D:P3; dozen(s) D:P1; drag(ged) D:P1; drag and drop D:P1; draft D:P1; draft dodger(s) D:P1; drag(ged) down D:P2; drain(ed/s) D:P1; drake(s) D:P1; draw(n)/drew D:P1; drawer(s) D:P1; drawing(s) D:P1; dread D:P1; dread(ed) D:P1; dream(ed/s/t) D:P1; dress(ed) D:P1; dress(ed) down D:P2; dress(ed) up D:S1, A:P2; dressed up like a dog's dinner D:S1; dressing down D:P3; drink/drank/drunk D:P1; drink/drank/drunk in I:P2; drip(ped/s) D:P1; drip-dry D:P1; drive(n)/drove D:P1; drop(ped/s) D:P1; drop(ped) dead D:P2; drop(ped) in I:P2; droplet(s) D:P1; dropping D:P1; droppings D:P1; dry D:P1; (as) dry as dust D:P3; dub(bed) D:P1; duck(s) D:P1; ducks and drakes D:P3; dulcet D:P1; dull D:P1; (as) dull as ditchwater D:P3; dumb D:P1; dumb(ed) down D:P2; dumbing down D:P3; dusk D:P1; dusky D:P1; dust [n] D:P1; dust(ed) [v] D:P1; dust down D:P2; dusted down D:P3; duteous D:P1; dutiful D:P1; D:P1; duty-doing D:P1; dye(d) D:P1; dyeing D:P1; dying D:P1; dynamic(s) N:P2; dynamo(s) D:P1;

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