M. Vincent van Mechelen
 with Vocabulary of Alliteration 
[entries under the staves |M|, |P| and |S| may be missing]


T T:P1; table(s) T:P1; table-talk T:P1; taboo(s) [or tabu(s)] B:P2; taciturn T:P1; tag(s)/tagged T:P1; tag team(s) T:P1; tag-team(ed) T:P1; tail(s) T:P1; taint T:P1; taint(ed) [v] T:P1; [adj] T:P1; take(n)/took T:P1; take/took a chance [also your chance] T:P3; take/took a heavy toll T:S1, H:P3; take/took a toll [also its or their toll] T:P3; take/took a tumble T:P3; take/took in I:P2; take/took time T:P2; take/took to task T:P3; take/took turns T:P2; take/took up cudgels for T:S1, K:P3; take/took up the cudgel for T:S1, K:P4; take/took you to task T:P4; take/took your time T:P3; taken a chance [also your chance] T:P4; taken a heavy toll T:S1, H:P4; taken a toll [also its or their toll] T:P4; taken a tumble T:P4; taken time T:P3; taken to task T:P4; taken turns T:P3; taken up cudgels for T:S1, K:P4; taken up the cudgel for T:S1, K:P5; taken you to task T:P5; taken your time T:P4; tale(s) T:P1; talk(ed/s) T:P1; talk of the town T:P4; talk(ed) turkey T:P2; tangerine(s) T:P1/R:P3; tango(ed) T:P1 (G:S2); Tao [cp. Dao] T:P1; tardy T:P1; tarry T:P1; tarry/tarried T:P1; tart(s) T:P1; task(s) T:P1; taut T:P1; tawny T:P1; tax-free F:P2; tea T:P1; teach/taught T:P1; teacher(s) T:P1; teacher-training T:P1; team(s) T:P1; tear(s) T:P1; technique(s) N:P2; technology N:P2; teem(ed) T:P1; teeming T:P1; teeny T:P1; teeny-tiny T:P1; teeter(ed/s) T:P1; teeter-totter(ed/s) T:P1; teething T:P1; teetotaler(s) [or teetotaller(s)] T:P1; television(s) T:P1/V:P3; tell/told T:P1; tell/told the time T:P3; tell/told your beads T:S1, B:P3; telltale(s) T:P1; tellurian(s) L:P2; telos T:P1; tempest(-tossed) T:P1; temple(s) T:P1; ten T:P1; tender T:P1; (as) tender as a chicken T:P5; test(ed) T:P1; than DH:P1; that DH:P1; thaw TH:P1; the [if stressed] DH:P1; the heel of your hand H:P5; thee DH:P1; their DH:P1; theirs DH:P1; theism TH:P1, I:S2; them DH:P1; The more the merrier M:P4; then (and there) DH:P1; TH:S1; TH:S1, D:P3; theolatry O:P2; (s) TH:P1; theory/theories TH:P1; therefore DH:P1 (F:S2); thence DH:P1; there (and then) DH:P1; these DH:P1; thews TH:P1; they DH:P1; They laugh best who laugh last L:P6; They who laugh last laugh longest L:P6; thick TH:P1; (as) thick as thieves TH:P3; thief/thieves TH:P1; thievery TH:P1; thieving TH:P1; thievish TH:P1; thigh(s) TH:P1; thin TH:P1; thine DH:P1; thing(s) TH:P1; think/thought TH:P1; think/thought thru TH:P2; third TH:P1; thirst(ed) (for) TH:P1; thirst after TH:P1, AE:S2/AH:S2; thirsted after TH:P1, AE:S3/AH:S3; thirteen TH:S1, T:P2; thirty TH:P1; thirty-eight TH:S1, EI:P3; thirty-eighth TH:S1, EI:P3; thirty-fifth TH:S1, F:P3; thirty-first TH:S1, F:P3; thirty-five TH:S1, F:P3; thirty-four TH:S1, F:P3; thirty-fourth TH:S1, F:P3; thirty-nine N:P3; thirty-one TH:S1, W:P3; thirty-third TH:S1, TH:P3; thirty-three TH:S1, TH:P3; thirty-two TH:S1, T:P3; this DH:P1; thither DH:P1/TH:P1; those DH:P1; tho [or tho' or though] DH:P1; thorn(s) TH:P1; thou DH:P1; thread(s)/threaded TH:P1; thread your way thru TH:P4; threaded your way thru TH:P5 three TH:P1; threescore (and thirteen / three) TH:P1; threnody/threnodies TH:P1; threshold(s) TH:P1; thrice TH:P1; throat(s) TH:P1; throes TH:P1; throng(ed/s) TH:P1; throstle(d/s) TH:P1; throw(n)/threw in I:P2; throw(n)/threw out the baby with the bathwater B:P4; thru [or through] TH:P1; thru and thru [or through and through] TH:P3; thru thick and thin TH:P2; thrust(ed) TH:P1; thrust something down your throat TH:P6 thrusted something down your throat TH:P7; thumb(ed) (thru) TH:P1; thus DH:P1; thy DH:P1; thyme T:P1; ti T:P1; Tibetan(s) B:P2; ticker-tape T:P1; tictac(ed/s) [or ticktack(ed/s)] T:P1; tic-tac-toe(s) [or ticktacktoe(s)] T:P1; ticktacktoo(s) T:P1; tictoc(ed/s) [or ticktock(ed/s)] T:P1; time(s) T:P1; time after time AE:S2/AH:S2, T:P4; time and again T:S1, G:P4; time and time again T:S1, G:P5; Time will tell T:P3; timeless T:P1; Times change T:P2; timetable(s) T:P1; time-test(ed) T:P1; timeworn T:P1; timorous T:P1; tinker(s) T:P1; tinkle(d/s) T:P1; tinsel(ed/s) [or tinsel(led/s)] T:P1; tiny (tot) T:P1; tip(ped/s) T:P1; tiptoe(d) T:P1; tip-top T:P1/T:P2; tit for tat T:P3; titillate(d) T:P1, L:S3/EI:S3; titillation(s) T:S1, L:P3/EI:P3; tit-tat-toe(s) T:P1; tittle-tattle T:P1; to T:P1; to a tee [or T] T:P3; to a tittle T:P3; to boot B:P2; to perfection F:P3; to tell you the truth T:P5; to the backbone B:P3; to the brim B:P3; to the hilt H:P3; to the letter L:P3; to wit W:P2; (the) toast of T:P1; toast(s) T:P1; tobacco B:P2; today D:P2; toe(s) T:P1; toffee [or toffy] T:P1; together G:P2; toil(ed/s) T:P1; toilworn T:P1, W:S2; toll(ed/s) T:P1; tome(s) T:P1; tongue(s) T:P1; tongue in cheek T:P3; tongue-tied T:P1; tongue twister(s) T:P1; tonight N:P2; too T:P1; too big for your boots T:P1, B:S2; too close (for comfort) K:P2; too close to call T:P1, K:S2; too good to be true T:P1, G:S2; too little, too late T:P1, L:S2; tooth/teeth T:P1; top and tail T:P1; top of the tree T:P4; topless T:P1; topmost T:P1; topsy-turvy [or topsy-turvey] T:P1; torment(s) [n] T:P1; T:P1; torture-chamber(s) T:P1; tot(s) T:P1; totalitarian(s) T:P4; T:P4; touch(ed) T:P1; touching [adj] T:P1; touching [prep] T:P1; tourist(s) T:P1; tourist trap(s) T:P1; toward(s) W:P2; town(s) T:P1; track(s) T:P1; trade(d) T:P1; tradition(s) D:P2; traffic (control) T:P1; train(ed) T:P1; train(s) T:P1; trainee(s) N:P2; training T:P1; train track(s) / tunnel(s) T:P1; tranquil T:P1; tranquilize(d) [or tranquillize(d) or tranquillise(d)] T:P1, L:S3; tranquilizer(s) [or tranquillizer(s) or tranquilliser(s)] T:P1, L:S3; tranquillity [or tranquility] K:P2; transact(ed) S:P2/Z:P2; transfer(red) [v] F:P2; transfer(s) [n] T:P1; transgress(ed) G:P2; transgression(s) G:P2; transition(s) Z:P2; translate(d) S:P2/L:P2; trap(s) T:P1; trash T:P1; treacle tart T:P1; treacle toffee [or toffy] T:P1; tread/trod/trodden T:P1; tread/trod on your toes T:P4; treasure(d/s) T:P1; treasure-chest(s) T:P1; treasure-trove T:P1; treat(s)/treated T:P1; tree(s) T:P1; treetop(s) T:P1; tree-trunk(s) T:P1; tressel(s) T:P1; tresses T:P1; tressle(s) T:P1; tressle table(s) T:P1; tressletree(s) T:P1; trial(s) T:P1; triangle(s) T:P1; tribulation(s) T:S1, L:P3; trick(s) T:P1; trick(s) of the trade T:P4; trick or treat T:P1; tried and true T:P1; tried and trusted T:P1; trip(ped) T:P1; trip(s) T:P1; triple- [in compounds] T:P1; triple-tracked T:P1; triptych(s) T:P1; T:P1; trodden on your toesT:P5; troth T:P1; trouble(s) T:P1; true T:P1; true tea T:P2; trump(s) T:P1; trunk(s) T:P1; trust(ed) (in) T:P1; T:P1; truth-telling T:P1; truth to tell T:P3; try/tried T:P1; trypsin(s) T:P1; tryptic T:P1; tryst(s) T:P1; trysting place(s) T:P1; tumble(d) T:P1; tumult(s) T:P1; tune(d/s) T:P1; tunnel(s) T:P1; turbulent T:P1; turkey(s) T:P1; turn(ed/s) T:P1 turn(ed) in I:P2; turn(ed) tail T:P2; turn(ed) the other cheek A:S3, T:P5; turn(ed) the tables T:P3; turn(ed) turtle T:P2; turn(ed) up trumps T:P3; turtle(s) T:P1 twain T:P1; twelve T:P1; twenty T:P1; twenty-eight T:S1, EI:P3; twenty-eighth T:S1, EI:P3; twenty-fifth T:S1, F:P3; twenty-first T:S1, F:P3; twenty-five T:S1, F:P3; twenty-four T:S1, F:P3; twenty-fourth T:S1, F:P3; twenty-nine N:P3; twenty-one T:S1, W:P3; twenty-three T:S1, TH:P3; twenty-two T:S1, T:P3; twilight T:P1; twin-track approach(es) T:S1; twist(s)/twisted T:P1; twister(s) T:P1; twists and turns T:P1; two T:P1; two-fold T:P1; twoscore T:P1; two-way trade T:P1; two-way traffic T:P1;

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