M. Vincent van Mechelen
 with Vocabulary of Alliteration 
[entries under the staves |M|, |P| and |S| may be missing]


W D:P1; waft(ed/s) W:P1; wage(d) W:P1; wage(d) war W:P2; wage(s) W:P1; wager(ed/s) W:P1; wagon(s) W:P1; wagon wheel(s) W:P1; waif(s) W:P1; wait(ed) W:P1; wait on W:S1, O:P2; waited on W:S1, O:P3; wait(ed) upon W:S1; wait-weary W:P1; wake(d)/woke(n) W:P1; walk(ed) W:P1; walk(ed) away (from/with) W:P3; walk(s) W:P1; walkway(s) W:P1, K:S2/W:S2; wan W:P1; wand(s) W:P1; wand-waving W:P1; wane(d) W:P1; want(ed/s) W:P1; wanton W:P1; wanton(s) W:P1; war(red/s) W:P1; war widow(s) W:P1; war widower(s) W:P1; war-weary W:P1; war-whoop(s) W:P1; wardrobe(s) W:P1, D:S2; warm W:P1; (the) warp W:P1; warp(ed/s) W:P1; (the) warp and weft W:P3; (the) warp and woof W:P3; was [past tense of be] W:P1; wash(ed) away W:P3; washerwoman/washerwomen W:P1; washwoman/washwomen W:P1; washwork W:P1; waste (land) W:P1; waste(d/s) W:P1; waste away W:P3; wasted away W:P4; waste not, want not N:S2, W:P3; wasteland(s) W:P1, L:S2; wastrel(s) W:P1; watch(ed) W:P1; watchful (waiting) W:P1; water W:P1; waterway(s) W:P1; waterweed(s) W:P1; waterwheel(s) W:P1; waterwing(s) W:P1; waterworker(s) W:P1; waterworks W:P1; waterworn W:P1; wave(d/s) W:P1; wave(d) away W:P3; wave-worn W:P1; wax(ed) (and wane(d)) W:P1; waxwing W:P1; waxworks W:P1; way(s) W:P1; wayward W:P1; we W:P1; we live and learn L:P2; weak(-willed) W:P1; weal W:P1; weal and woe W:P1; weal(s) W:P1; wean(ed) (from) W:P1; wean(ed) away from W:P3; wear/wore/worn W:P1; weary W:P1; weasel(s) W:P1; weasel word(s) W:P1; weather W:P1; web(s) W:P1; wed(ded) W:P1; wee W:P1; week in, week out W:S1; weekend(s) W:P1/E:P2, K:S2/W:S1; weep/wept W:P1; weep/wept away W:P3; weeping W:P1; weeping willow(s) W:P1; weft(s) W:P1; weigh(ed) W:P1; weigh(ed) down W:S1, D:P2; weigh(ed) your words W:P3; weight W:P1; (the) weight of the world W:P4; welcome(d) W:P1; welcome in W:S1, I:P3; welcomed in W:S1, D:P3/I:P3; welcomes in W:S1, Z:P3/I:P3; (the) welkin W:P1; well W:P1; well up (in) W:S1, A:P2; well(ed) W:P1; well(ed) out W:S1, AU:P2; well(ed) up W:S1, A:P2; well(s) W:P1; wellbehaved W:S1, H:P3; wellbeing W:P1/B:P2; well-off W:S1, AH/AW/O:P3; wellspring(s) W:P1; wellwisher(s) W:P1; wellworn W:P2; (a) welter (of) W:P1; wend(ed) W:P1; wend your way W:P3; wended your way W:P4; went [past tense of go] W:P1; went against the grain G:P5; went along (with) G:S1, L:P3; went by the board W:S1, B:P4; went by the book W:S1, B:P4; went forth W:S1, F:P2; went from strength to strength W:S1; went green (about the gills) G:P2 (B:S4, G:S6); went in I:P2; went phut W:S1, F:P2; went the way of all flesh W:P3; went the whole hog H:P3; went to glory G:P3; went together G:P3; went white (about the gills) W:P2 (B:S4, G:S6); were [past tense of be] W:P1; wet(ted) W:P1; wet your whistle W:P3; wetted your whistle W:P4; what H:P1/W:P1; What in the world ...? W:P4; What's sauce for the goose (is sauce for the gander) G:P5; whatever T:P2/E:P2; whatsoever E:P3; wheat H:P1/W:P1; wheel(ed/s) H:P1/W:P1; H:P1/W:P1; wheel(ed) away W:P3; wheels within wheels W:P4; when H:P1/W:P1; (the) when and where H:P1/W:P1; when it comes/came to the crunch K:P6; whence H:P1/W:P1; whenever N:P2; where H:P1/W:P1; where there's a will there's a way W:P4; whereas W:S1, R:P2/AE:P2; wherefore H:P1/W:P1, F:S2; wheresoever E:P3; wherever W:S1, R:P2/E:P2; whether H:P1/W:P1; which H:P1/W:P1; whichever T:P2/E:P2; while H:P1/W:P1; while the going is/was good W:S1, G:P6; while the going's good G:P5; while(d) away W:P3; whip(ped/s) H:P1/W:P1; whip(ped) away W:P3; whirl(ed/s) H:P1/W:P1; whirl(ed) away W:P3; whirling H:P1/W:P1; whisk(ed) away W:P3; whisper(ed/s) H:P1/W:P1; whistle(d/s) H:P1/W:P1; white H:P1/W:P1; white horse(s) H:S1/W:S1, H:P2; white lie(s) H:S1/W:S1, L:P2; whitecap(s) H:P1/W:P1, K:S2 ; whither H:P1/W:P1; whittle(d) away W:P4; who H:P1; Who in the world ...? W:P4; whole(s) H:P1; whole-hearted H:P2; whom H:P1; whoop(ed/s) H:P1/W:P1; whooping-cough H:P1; whoops H:P1/W:P1; whore(s) H:P1; whorehouse(s) H:P1; whorl(s) H:P1/W:P1; whose H:P1; why H:P1/W:P1; (the) whys and the wherefores (of) H:P4/W:P4 (F:S5); (the) whys and wherefores (of) H:P3/W:P3 (F:S4); wide W:P1; wide awake W:P3; wide of the mark W:S1, M:P4; widow(s) W:P1; widower(s) W:P1; wield(ed) W:P1; wife/wives W:P1; wigwag(ged) W:P1; wigwam(s) W:P1; wile(d) away W:P3; will W:P1; will(ed) away W:P3; will-o'-the-wisp(s) W:P4; willow(s) W:P1; willow wood W:P1; willy/willies W:P1; willy-waver(s) W:P1; win/won W:P1; win/won away W:P3; wink(ed) away W:P3; win-win W:P2; wind(ed/s)/ W:P1; wind/winded/wound W:P1; wind(s)/wound W:P1; wind(s) W:P1; windscreen(s) W:P1; windscreen wiper(s) W:P1; windshield(s) W:P1; windshield wiper(s) W:P1; wing(ed/s) W:P1; wink(ed) W:P1; winsome W:P1; winter(s) W:P1; winter solstice W:P1; wipe(d) away W:P3; wisdom W:P1; wise (woman) W:P1; (the) wise old world W:P1; wish(ed/es) W:P1; wish(ed) away W:P3; wishy-washy W:P1; wisp(s) W:P1; wit W:P1; with W:P1; with a good grace G:P3; with a heavy heart H:P3; with a will W:P3; with bated breath B:P2; with good grace G:P2; with one voice W:P2; with the best will in the world B:S3, W:P7; with your tongue in your cheek T:P6; wither(ed) W:P1; wither(ed) away W:P4; within DH:P2/TH:P2; without DH:P2/TH:P2; without a worry in the world W:P4; without compare DH:S2/TH:S2, P:P4; without fear or favor [or favour] F:P3; without number N:P3; wits W:P1; woe(s) W:P1; woe betide you W:S1, T:P3; wolf/wolves W:P1; wolf-whistle(s) W:P1; woman/women W:P1; woman/women of the world W:P5; (a) woman of women W:P4; women's wear W:P1; womenswear W:P1; wonder of wonders W:P4; wonder(s) W:P1; wonderland W:P1; wonderful W:P1; wonder-working W:P1; wondrous W:P1; woo(ed) away W:P3; wood(s) W:P1; (the) woof W:P1; (the) woof and warp W:P3; word(s) W:P1; word for word W:P1; (a) word to the wise W:P4; word-for-word W:P3; word-hoard(s) W:P1, H:S2; wordsmith(s) W:P1; word-weary W:P1, W:S2; work(ed/s) W:P1; work(ed) away W:P3; work(ed) wonders W:P2; work(s) of wonder W:P3; world(s) W:P1; worldly-wise W:P1/W:P3; world war(s) W:P2; world-weary W:P1; worldwide (web) W:P1 (D:S2); world-wise W:P1; worry/worried/worries W:P1; worse W:P1; (the) worse for wear W:P3; worship(ed) [or worship(ped)] W:P1; worshiper(s) [or worshipper(s)] W:P1; worth W:P1; worth one's while W:P3; worthwhile W:P1/W:P2; wraith(s) R:P1; wrap(ped) R:P1; wrath R:P1; wreath(s) R:P1; wreak(ed) R:P1; wreak(ed) rage (on / upon) R:S1, R:P2; wreak(ed) vengeance (on / upon) R:S1, V:P2; wreak(ed) wrongs R:S1, R:P2; wreck(ed/s) R:P1; wretched R:P1; wrist(s) R:P1; writ(s) R:P1; writ large R:S1, L:P2; write/wrote/written R:P1; writer(s) R:P1; writer(s) in residence R:P4; wrong(ed/s) R:P1; wroth R:P1; wrought R:P1; wry R:P1;

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