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If you have not done so yet, consult the Main Document for a general description of this Internet site, which is called "TRINPsite". Being a site in its own right, it does not depend on, nor have, any external links.

TRINPsite was started on the Internet in the 50th (ordinal) year after the end of the Second World War. Four years later it acquired its first own domain name, at that time accessible with the http protocol only. (See the Additions and Revisions for the historical and technical details.) Nowadays TRINPsite can also be reached with the secure https protocol.

All HTML text files which can be separately and independently accessed via internal links are listed below. In the special Lists of Files document you will find the names and details of other files.


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  • Gradually and eventually the URLs and dates will be deleted here, so that only the document titles or descriptions will be left over. For URLs (and dates) already deleted see the Lists of Files. If the date is given, it is the one on which the file was newly added (if not filled in, this was before 56.16.5).

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Additions and Revisions
Stichting DNI Foundation
Lists of Files
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TRINPsite Main Document
Model documents (accessible via the MNI Main Document):
  Model of Neutral-Inclusivity Index
  Book of Fundamentals

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  Book of Instruments
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  Book of Symbols
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  Contents   |   List of Figures   |   List of Prose Poems   |   MNI Main Document   |   Model Terms
Notes and papers:
  Notes and Papers   Discrimination between Right and Relevancy   Notes of the Metric Months   Given Names for Persons
Poetry documents:
  Poems/诗歌/Gedicht   Poems and Songs   Computer Poetry   A Hand with Myriad Digits
  A Finger of Value (motion poem in a trailer):
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  The Middle Finger (motion poem in a trailer):
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  Poems and Songs Not Generated by a Computer   Poems with Analyses or Notes   Selected Model Poems   Poems without Annotations   Vocabulary of Alliteration (with the option of right-frame viewing)
Play and short stories:
  Play and Short Stories   Everyone the New Elckerlyc   The Other Day ...   Six Warlocks My Age
Sound Files
State Religionism
Metric Diary for every year
Spelling and Stress Dictionary

Translation guidelines (accessible via Tong/ThL/Translat.htm):
  Guidelines for Zhezhong Yuyan (普通话)
Value documents (accessible via the list of values above):

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Additions and revisions until 54 aSWW:
  In 50 aSWW   In 51 aSWW   In 52 aSWW   In 53 aSWW   In 54 aSWW
TRINPsite Main Index (this file with *.html extension)

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Additions and revisions from 55 aSWW:
  In 55 aSWW   In 56 aSWW   In 57 aSWW   In 58 aSWW   In 59 aSWW   In 60 aSWW   In 61 aSWW   In 62 aSWW   In 63 aSWW   In 64 aSWW   In 65 aSWW   In 66 aSWW   In 67 aSWW   From 68 to 71 aSWW
  TRINPsite Album of Webpages
Chronology documents and cards (accessible via Tong/ThL/Time.htm):
  Go global, go metric!
  Metric diary basic file for use with Tong/ThL/Time/Diary.htm:
    presentation file (Tong/ThL/Time/Diary/WeekPage.HTM)
  Perpetual New Year cards:
    in both This Language and Zhezhong Yuyan   in Deze Taal   in This Language   in Zhezhong Yuyan
  Metric date in status window   The Year-Week-Day system
DNI Foundation documents (accessible via DNIFound.htm):
  Candidates for board membershipThe Stichting's charter
Games 'n' graphics:
  Crossword puzzles:   The five TRINP values   Words and concepts of the Model   Personal given names
  Sliding block puzzles:   Uncover the Three by Three #1, #2, #3   Uncover the Six by Six #1, #2   Uncover the Five by Five
  3D TRINP cube (variable size)
General site information:
  "About Time"   Active content in text files   Open letter about correspondence   Questions and answers from 56 to 59 aSWW   Visitors' voices / 访客的声音 / Stemmen van bezoekers
  Search engine data and ads:   In 59-60 aSWW   In 61 aSWW   Why can't Google cope with Neutrality?   Why can't Google cope with Truth?   A 'common good ad' with your name / 提及你的姓名的公益广告 / Ideële reklame met jouw naam
Guidelines for Deze Taal (Nederlands):
  Verantwoording van de spelling   Vertaalaanwijzingen / Directions for translation
International dossier on state religionism (StateRel/IDSRTxt.htm)
Model documents (accessible via MNI Main Document):
  from the Book of Fundamentals
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  from the Book of Instruments
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  from the Book of Symbols
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  others for the Model of Neutral-Inclusivity
  [Show other URLs, date and titles] 
Notes and papers (accessible via Tong/ThL/Note.htm):
  The author of the Model   The Wheel of the Norm
  Discrimination between Right and Relevancy:   Introduction   The moral and immoral appeal to rights in issues of discrimination
  Longer notes
  Notes of the Metric Months:   From 52 to 55 aSWW   From 56 to 59 aSWW   From 60 to 63 aSWW   From 64 to 67 aSWW   From 68 to 71 aSWW   From 72 aSWW
  Short notes
Other notes and papers:   Entropy, gravity and electricity in a neutral perspective   Four retorts to irreligion   Freedom of thought on Earth 70 aSWW   The self-evident is not in the constitution   The sparrow in the banqueting hall   Symmetrical music   Turn-bottoms
Poetry documents (accessible via Poet.htm):
  A Hand With Myriad Digits — copied texts:    Digits Dull, My Foot!    Five Fingers Grasping the Earth    A Finger of Value    The Middle Finger    A Finger of Flesh and Blood
  A Hand With Myriad Digits — screenshots:    Digits Dull, My Foot!    Five Fingers Grasping the Earth    A Finger of Value    The Middle Finger    A Finger of Flesh and Blood
  Computer Poetry (paper)
  Poems and songs in two or more languages:   Aural analysis of the song Ananda / 阿戁达    Divine division / 神的划分    The lay of this our language / 我们这种语言 / Door Deze Taal verbonden    One day, that day / 某一天,可那天    Request / 请求    事件书/事件書 (The Book of Events/Het Boek der Gebeurtenissen)    Six By Six / 六乘六
  Selected Model poems:    Narrow is the neutral Middle Path   Include the neutral name   To Ananda   De wereld, een en eendelig (The world, one and uniform)
  Other poems, with annotations:   Hail, critters of hate   Saxifrax   Whereas creatures ...   The four Wheel Poems
  Other poems, without annotations:   'Eye rhyme'   The figment tree   In the beginning there will be the end   In the lasting   The inexhaustible Dao   Intimations of inclusiveness   Living on in deeds, genes or ideas   A psalm sung to no harp   A quiver full of fodder   Read and realize   Saxifrax   Tainted tears   Tradition   The Yule of the turkeys   The four Wheel Poems
Short stories (accessible via ShSt.htm):
  Crusoe's conversion
  The Other Day ...:   Barking up the wrong cosmic tree (beginning)   Hoisting the holy Catena (beginning)   About dikes and damns   The light to personhood (beginning)   The supernatural coin (beginning)
  Six Warlocks My Age:   Preface   Warlocks at the door   Notching the boat   Merry Mythmas (beginning)   Numerically superior   Epilogue   Warlocks on the wireless
  Sumati can wait (beginning)
Spelling and Stress Dictionary with Vocabulary of Alliteration (accessible via the Dictionary and the Vocabulary):
  Dictionary letters (not in nodal file):   A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   L   N   O   P   R   T   W
  Vocabulary staves:   A-AW   B   D   DH   E-EI   F   G   H   I   J   K   L   M   N   O-OO   P   R   S   SH   T   TH   U   V   W   Z

non-HTML text pages are in the Lists of Files under:

Truth over tales, false promises and threats
Relevance over irrelevance and discrimination
Inclusiveness over exclusivity and exclusion
Neutrality over immoderation and extremism
Personhood over oppression, theft and murder

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