In Southern Mid-Yule, Equinoctial and Lent

On 63.52.8 TRINPsite comprises 892 public files, of which approximately 699 different or 'unique' ones: 122 *.htm (not *Txt.htm), 6 *.html, 428 *.HTM, 1 *Txt.htm, 6 style sheets, 8 JavaScript files, 85 pictures, 4 ikons and 39 sound files.

On 63.36.4 the file Comments, Questions and Replies from 56 to 59 ASWW was published. As the document Questions and Answers was becoming too long, a separate document was created for the oldest part, pertaining to the years 56 to 59. More recent comments, questions and answers will continue to be added to the original file.

On 63.37.2 Ananda became available in Zhezhong Yuyan, both as a short poem and a short song. The poem and song Ananda has been on the Internet from the year 50 aSWW as part of To Ananda, A Poem of Millenniums in This Language. Now the poem can not only be read but also heard in Zhezhong Yuyan in a synthetically produced sound file at Sound/ZzY/Shige/Anan3R.mp3.

The Spelling and Stress Dictionary is still under construction, but gradually expanding with more and more lemmas of the Vocabulary of Alliteration. As the alphabetic lists of words in the nodal file are becoming longer and longer, more and more of these lists will have to be given their own basic file. On 63.38.5 and 6 the following letters were deleted from the nodal file and the words beginning with these letters put in separate documents: C, D, F, H, I and T.

For the first time in its history the Stichting DNI Foundation sponsors a few search engine links to TRINPsite pages which are of permanent or temporary special interest. These noncommercial ads for the common, veridical and neutral-inclusive good are called, with a little bit forced brevity, "common-good ads". On 63.41.7 the document A 'common good ad' with your name was added to the Info branch of files, in which it is explained how this system works and how these ads could be sponsored by private individuals or other organizations as well (or instead).

TRINPsite contains a few pages in Deze Taal. For the users of Deze Taal too there was already a special translation document. On 63.46.2 a new document was added in this category, called "Verantwoording van de spelling". It deals especially with the justification of the spelling used. The differences between the spelling variants in Deze Taal or Nederlands are not much bigger than those between written (British) English and written American (English), but unfortunately too many spellers or readers claim (and but too often seem to seriously believe) that their own variant is the (only) 'true' and 'correct' one.

In Southern Early Yule

On 63.33.1 TRINPsite comprises 881 public files, of which approximately 688 different or 'unique' ones: 122 *.htm (not *Txt.htm), 6 *.html, 418 *.HTM, 1 *Txt.htm, 6 style sheets, 8 JavaScript files, 85 pictures, 4 ikons and 38 sound files.

Last year the secular-humanistic magazine Free Inquiry organized a contest in which it invited its readers to come up with some good refutations of four familiar 'retorts to atheism'. The new document Four retorts to irreligion at Note/Retorts.HTM gives Vincent van Mechelen's contribution to this discussion, as well as a few comments on what the winners argued.

After the 380x380-pixel truth picture the following, equally important neutrality picture is still left out from 'the most comprehensive image search on the web':

The picture left out from the world's 'most comprehensive image search'

A new document entitled "Why can't Google cope with Neutrality?" at Info/Search/Google/Images/N380.HTM now deals especially with this picture, while the document about the truth picture (Why can't Google cope with Truth?) was updated.

In Northern Lent and Equatorial

On 63.29.1 TRINPsite comprises 879 public files, of which approximately 686 different or 'unique' ones: 122 *.htm (not *Txt.htm), 6 *.html, 416 *.HTM, 1 *Txt.htm, 6 style sheets, 8 JavaScript files, 85 pictures, 4 ikons and 38 sound files.

The present page with the full address www.trinp.org/AddNRev/63ASWW.HTM was started in the 63rd Northern Equinoctial Month.

Until now only three of the six stories of Six Warlocks My Age were published on TRINPsite: the first, fourth and sixth one. The third story was Warlocks on the wireless --a tale in reflections in the original paper edition. Meanwhile a new 'third' story has been written. It is called "Notching the boat --to seek the warlock's word". Both stories have now been added to the TRINPsite branch of short stories (in the ShSt/SWMA folder).

In Northern Yule

On 63.13.1 TRINPsite comprises 876 public files, of which approximately 683 different or 'unique' ones: 122 *.htm (not *Txt.htm), 6 *.html, 413 *.HTM, 1 *Txt.htm, 6 style sheets, 8 JavaScript files, 85 pictures, 4 ikons and 38 sound files.

In principle and ideally everyone should be able to read and understand the works and information on TRINPsite. In practice (or 'practise'), however, TRINPsite's human, technical and financial resources are limited, and at this moment texts can therefore only be offered in This Language (called "English" or "American" by others), in Zhezhong Yuyan ("Chinese" or "Putonghua") and in Deze Taal ("Dutch" or "Flemish"). It is also for these three languages that three special poems have been written in the shape of acrostics. As these languages are spoken by people of very different denominational convictions, these poems are nondenominational without, of course, being incompatible with the neutral-inclusive norms. The three language acrostics can be found in the following newly added documents:

For reasons which at present defeat any explanation the following important TRINPsite picture is consistently left out from 'the most comprehensive image search on the web':

The picture left out from the world's 'most comprehensive image search'

Even tho, for some time, this truth image used to be the second or third picture which Google showed when searching for truth under their images, it later disappeared completely from their public database. A document entitled "Why can't Google cope with Truth?" at Info/Search/Google/Images/T380.HTM now deals explicitly with this mysterious matter. A new picture (TrthTrnp.jpg) prepared especially for this document was put in the same folder.

The fictional legend The Light to Personhood was recorded and added to the collection of TRINPsite sound files in a new 'ODay' directory. With a size of 8.5 MB and a duration of more than 9 minutes this sound file is the largest TRINPsite file made so far. It can be found at Sound/ODay/LiteToPh.mp3. When looking at the total number of sound files listed as 'unique' at the end of last year (34) and the total number at the end of the first quarter of this year (38) it might seem as if 4 'unique' sound files were added in this period. In fact, however, only The Light to Personhood was added, while the old number was changed into 37 in a recount.

The Additions and Revisions page you are reading at the moment covers the fourteenth year of TRINPsite's existence.

©MVVM, 63-70 ASWW

Additions and Revisions